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Easter ideas: Cute bunny from egg

How can be made cute decoration simple at home?
How become a cute bunny from an egg? J

A bejegyzés magyarul itt olvasható.

The pink bunny J
However, I don’t like Easter as much as Xmas, somehow I like to make a few decoration for this holiday too. This Easter will be totally different here in Helsinki, than it would be in Hungary. The Easter Traditions are different, and there is still huge snow here too. Well, probably I will go to the Tiimari to buy some catkin, than I will decorate it with eggs.

Even though the nature is slowly getting ready for spring here, however, I thought that I  will post only Easter recipes and ideas at this month!

You will find here Easter milk-loaf filled with raisins or walnuts, traditional Hungarian egg painting with beeswax and a simple decoration: cute bunny made from egg. Let’s start the preparing with this great idea, make bunny from egg!

paper (white or colorful)
egg (painted, or white)
scissors, glue, pencil, permanent marker, needle
cotton disc
The commodities!

Preparation of the bunny:
Blow out the eggs, than wash them carefully and dry them. If you would like colorful bunny (blue, pink, yellow) then paint the eggs.
Tip: The eggs are available in Hungary is mainly with brown peel. If you would like to make a nice brightly colorful bunnies than you have to keep  the eggs  for 5-10 minutes before painting in 20% vinegar, which will remove the outer brown shell from the eggs and the colors will be really vivid. However, you have to be really careful to let the eggs ONLY for few minutes in the vinegar, because only the outer layer containing the pigment has to be removed!

The templat for the leg and ears!

If you prepared the eggs, than you have to draw the face of the bunny with a permanent marker. You have to pay attention to the holes on the top of the eggs. It’s better to draw the nose to the hole, because the whole won’t be seen so much.
The next step is the ears and the legs. If you make a white bunny, you can use white paper. If you make colorful bunny, it’s better to use vivid paper. The best choices are the light, pastel coloures! Cut out the legs and the ears, than draw the claws and the ears to the paper!

Legs and ears are from paper!
We can make the tail of the bunny from cotton disk or from cotton wools. You have to cut out a small disc from the pad, which has to be glued to the eggs. This small tail will cover the other whole in the end of the egg, which was made under the preparation. In the end you have to glue the legs and the ears to the egg!
 Tip: You can drift this paper ears with a pencil to look like real bunny ears!

The tail.

If you make this cute bunnies, than you shall to buy few little chick and artificial grass and the Easter table decoration will be perfect! It is a quite fast and simple idea, furthermore it’s cheap too! We can make this bunnies with children, than probably it’s better to use plastic or paper eggs! J

"Follow the white rabbit!"J

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