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About me

A bejegyzés magyar nyelven itt olvasható.

Marja and me with the B-day cake

Who am I??? Well, one of the hardest things is to introduce ourselves, because it’s really hard to condense our personality in a couple of words. What could be the most important? It’s different, isn’t it? Being honest in the eyes of your friend, being successful to your mother, being trustful to your colleague and able to make a perfect coffee in the eyes of your boss! But.... What are the most important things for the readers of a cooking blog page?

Well... Maybe to know the difference between shortbread and yeast bread, or how can we make fast perfect whipped cream, perhaps what is the optimal temperature to melt and temper the chocolate and what was the reason to burn the edge of the cupcakes again? I hope, I can answer all of these questions and a little bit more! I would like to write not just about the boring recipes and ingredients, which can be found in any better or worse cookbook, I would also like to highlight the most common errors and introduce everyone to my kitchen!

Of course, it would raise the question in the readers rightfully, why I’ve started to write the hundred thousandth cooking blog – internet is full with these blogs! Why deny it, it is true, but I want to show you something else. I'm fed up with lavender flower cookies, fat-soaked meats and the difficult cake decorations, which are unpreparable at home. Rather, I would like to try to collect all my culinary experiences, which would be summarized and showed to you in funny and readable posts! Of course, I have to confess, there was another reason to make this blog: my friends’ encourage, because I got many positive comments on Facebook for my pictures of Sunday lunches and desserts. Anyhow, my romantic affair with cooking has evolved much earlier; this blog will be an exhibition of this love. I would like to use my small talent of handicraft, which was inherited from my mother, preparing food and decorations, so you could find simple, but nice decorations, too!

Hungarian chocolate rolls

Unfortunately, I don’t have time always to write posts, because my job couldn’t wait, sometimes a researcher has to work in a lab and I have to write my articles and doctoral thesis, too. I moved to Helsinki, Finland almost a year ago from Hungary, so I will write not just the traditional Hungarian dishes, I will also show a few Finnish foods or other nations’ dishes. I would like to present the food preparation step-by-step with the precise recipe, too.

All of the posts will be available in English and Hungarian so most of you may read this blog! I’m opened for the comments, ideas, because everybody has an excellent recipe or a hidden kitchen’s secret!

 Carrot cake filled with mascarpone cream, covered with marzipan

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