Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Paper snowflakes

How can we make easy and fast Xmas decorations?

A bejegyzés magyarul itt olvasható.

Paper snowflakes.

I always hated paper decorations. It NEVER was a challenge for me to make these kind of paper things, because they can be made in no time and it’s not durty enough… anyway, it’s JUST paper!

I wanted to find some kind of easy decoration technique, because I left my melting glue and all my hand-made stuff in Hungary….How can I creat Xmas feeling without my tools? So I sarted to find the solution for my problem, and I found this page! It is an online paper snowflake maker website, where you can try to make snowflakes! Let’s see how we can make these snowflakes!

I drew a snowflake samples with a special pencil, wich was a gift  from one of my best friend, Niki! This pencil is from the Check Republic and has the signiture of GregorMendel, the father of genetics, on it! J

The pencil.

Tools needed:
White or color paper (size A/4)
pencil and cutter
sellotape (to glue the snowflakes to the glass)
ironer (to smooth out the freshly cut flakes)

The tools.

How to do it:
The paper has to be folded in half by its corner, than the unnecessary paper has to be cut, than we will get a square.

Step 1.

The folded paper has to be folded in half again, but this folding line will be a help for us.  The two tips of this triangle have to be folded opposite to each other using the helping line and center point. These folded paper parts have to cover each other perfectly, the meeting point of the sides has to be on the helping line!

Step 2.

The form, which we get, has to be folded again and we will get a rocket shape from the paper! At this point the tips of the racket has to be removed, then we vill get a triangle! We have to draw the snowflake shape to this surface.

Step 3.
 The paper was folded in the way, that we will get a 6-branched snowflake! You should keep in mind, that we will draw the 1/12 part of the snowflakes when we draw on the surface of the triangle!
It’s worth to iron the fresh cutted snowflakes, because it will look better and it can be glued to the window!

Step 4.

The shape of snowflakes can be changed and the size and color of flakes can be modified, too. We can make small snowflakes, big snowflakes, red snowflakes; we can glue it to the window, gift or glass! It’s also easy to make with children or with your friend! I’m sure, all of you will love as much, as I love them! J

The snowflakes on our window.

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