Sunday, December 2, 2012

My hand-made stuff

Why shall I write only recipes?

 A bejegyzés magyarul itt olvasható.

Cute bunny from an egg (2013)

I was thinking about that this blog will contain not only my recipes, but also the descriptions of my hand-made stuff. I really like to do a lot of thing by my hand and I love all these hand-made things! My opinion is that my cooking hobby evolved from my “hand-made things” and it is the origin of lots of things.  When I was a grammar school student my biology teacher made this “hand-made class” and I loved it from the beginning! Love of natural sciences and hand-made things, working in laboratories…. all of these things came from the same place, but it was formed in that grammar school time. I learned a lot in that time, it’s good remembering the advices of my biology teacher.

Textile gingerbread Xmas tree decors (2010)

I have tons of pictures of my hand-made things, so I would like to write posts about these, mostly Xmas connected decoration things. The thing is, that Xmas is like some kind of drug for me… I LOVE IT!! It’s snowing, there is a candle in the living room, the smell of ginger bread and drying orange slices are in the air, the room is decorated with pine trees… OMG, it’s beautiful! Xmas is that holiday, which started already on summer, because acorn and nuts or cons can be collected to the door wreath. Peter has this joke: “Xmas begins already in summer for us!” and that’s true! Somebody told me this stupid thing, that if  you start preparing for Xmas too early, the point of this holiday will be lost… Well, it won’t lost for me, it will be even harder!

I have lots of Xmas-free decorations and hand-made stuff, so everybody will find the most appropriate! I would like to post the pictures of these thing, may be you take a fancy to do one of them!

If I could make it, why wouldn’t you?

Gingerbread Advent's wreaths (2013)

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